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The 0.2.0 release of Jaspa is now available for download. This is a major release which includes a new exciting topology rules system feature.

New Features:

  • Topology rules validation system with around 70 topology rules. A new chapter in the documentation with all the rules is provided.
  • New dumper from Jaspa for PostgreSQL / H2 to shapefile format.
  • Driver for gvSIG 1.11 (Jaspa for PostgreSQL)
  • Driver for Kosmo GIS 2.0.1  (Jaspa for PostgreSQL)
  • New functions ST_Last, ST_RepeatedPoints, Jaspa_Java_Properties, Minpair, Maxpair, Probe_Geometry_Columns.
  • Instructions and SQL files to update and/or backup a Jaspa spatial database to a new version.
  • New internal Jaspa binary format adaptable to future versions (e.g., raster data).
  • Some source code refactoring and java exceptions. Updated to GeoTools 2.7.2, H2 (1.3.157).
  • Support for PostgreSQL 9.0

Experimental features (dare not use it in a production environment!)

  • A new tolerance system (similar to cluster in ArcGIS) to adjust the geometries in different layers and avoid important cartographic problems when it comes to spatial analysis and spatial relationships.

We have written a new workshop that we think is very useful for people who want to learn through practical exercises about spatial databases and Jaspa. The workshop is divided in four sections: 1-Installation, 2-Get started guide, 3-Spatial analysis and Topology rules exercises, 4-Programming guide using Jaspa and Java.

Some people could be interested in just trying Jaspa without spending time to install the software first. For them we distribute a Jaspa minimalist distribution using a VMware virtual machine. In this image Jaspa and a GIS desktop software (with the Jaspa driver) is already installed. The user can start immediately to try Jaspa and to do the workshop (starting from the workshop 2-Get started guide document). See the the download section to get it.

And as you can see, we have started a new blog dedicated to Jaspa, with the aim to spread this project and facilitate the communication with the user community. Gradually we will add new content. We are looking forward to hearing from people who are interested in Jaspa because you are the ones who encourage us to keep going on this project.


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