Jaspa is a spatial extension for relational database systems, implements the OpenGIS Simple Features for SQL and partially the SQL/MM standard. Currently supports PostgreSQL and H2 as the RDBMS backends.

Jaspa brings around 200 spatial functions to relational database systems that support a full set of java store procedures. The first version of Jaspa was released in July 2010.

Jaspa has a similar functionality as PostGIS 1.5, supporting spatial operators and predicates, arrays of geometries, spatial aggregates, etc. Jaspa is written in java and is easy to extend using java stored procedures. This project is licensed under the GNU GPL.


  • Fully written in Java.
  • Currently uses PostgreSQL and H2 as the backend RDBMS.
  • Possibility of migration to other Java databases.
  • More than 200 spatial functions available. PostGIS compatible.
  • Easy-to-extend capabilities using stored procedures in Java.
  • Use of JTS and GeoTools libraries.
  • Jaspa for PostgreSQL provides spatial indexing based on PostgreSQL Gist
  • UMN MapSever, gvSIG 1.11, Kosmo GIS 2.0.1 and OpenJump (ad-hoc queries) as graphical frontend.
  • Spatial reference system using GeoTools.
  • Support for standard WKT and WKB formats and Postgis EWKB and EWKT formats. Support for SHP, KML and GML as input formats.
  • Extra Jaspa spatial functions: ST_Nodelize, ST_Cleanpolygon, ST_Delaunay triangles, ST_Snap, etc.
  • A topology rule system with around 70 topology rules, similar behavior than ArcGIS with the Geodatabase.

Jaspa repository


This project is based on other many projects from which we have learned and take advantage to be able to make Jaspa: PostGIS, Java Topology Suite (JTS), GeoTools, GeoDB, PL/Java, H2, PostgreSQL, gvSIG, etc.

This work has been partially supported by the research project “Creation and cartographic feeding of spatial data Infrastructures in the local government by means of a data model that integrates cadastre, planning and cultural heritage”, CSO2008-04808 from the Spanish Government (CICYT) and European funds..